Not Waving But Drowning

Bullying is a serious problem in Britain’s workplaces. ACAS receive 20,000 calls related to workplace bullying and harassment each year. Bullying behaviour can have an insidious and long-standing impact on the organisation, the targets and their families. The vast majority of victims of bullying do their very best to carry on as normal, they work hard, do their best to be cheerful and carry on as if nothing is happening; they suffer in silence. It isn’t always possible to know from their actions how deeply they are being affected and much like the man in Stevie Smith’s poem their ability to carry on can easily be misinterpreted.  Continue reading article


Models and Techniques for Coaching Now

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Sue Davies will be joined by 3 other professional coaches to speak at this informative CIPD event on Wed 8th November at 18:30. Click for details.



Unconscious Bias

Image result for unconscious bias Did you know that we all have a level of implicit bias and sometimes we act on it without even knowing it?

Bias and how we may unconsciously make decisions impacts on diversity. On 14th November at 6:30pm in Cheltenham the CMI will host an evening to look at this topic. Click here to book your place.




Break Free From Your HR Paperwork


Find out how Digital transformation and technology can significantly cut down on manual work.  Click here for more detials.



Don't take our word for it...

"The clear definition between equality and diversity has been really helpful, something that I can cascade to staff"
Anon - Diversity Course 

"Charlton Associates has helped us with tricky HR situations on a number of occasions, their style is friendly, supportive and they know HR like the back of their hand and can give clear advice."
Sonia Hutchison, Chief Executive - Carers Centre Bath & NE Somerset 

"Although I remain focused upon my goals, it is very valuable when re-assessing them to have the support and help from another person, just as a coach would work with a sports person"
Client S