Increase productivity in your workplace while improving your employees’ overall well-being


Optum™, believe that someone with a good sense of well-being is generally healthy, happy and enjoys the benefits – but employers and organisations can benefit from this too.  Research and case studies show that happy, healthy employees are more likely to be present, motivated, engaged and productive, as well as resilient and able to deal with change in and outside of work.

They offer employers both employee assistance programmes and well-being programmes to help support their well-being and mental and physical health.

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Don't take our word for it...

"95% took action following the one 2 one particularly in planning, actioning the plan and practical areas of their work "
Qualitative Research findings  

"The clear definition between equality and diversity has been really helpful, something that I can cascade to staff"
Anon - Diversity Course 

"I will have a far greater understanding for preparing and managing the organisations budget"
Anon - Finance course